Thick insulation layer

Nylon high temperature insulation layer, improve the use of safety

Heating wire

anti overheating asbestos heating wire

Thick insulation layer

Nylon high temperature and heat insulation layer, improve the use of safety

Vortex movement

Combined with large eddy fan and high power vortex movement

Overheat protection

High performance thermal protection system, and instantly improve the use of security

Temperature switch

Three temperature regulation, other cool blossoms

Wind switch

Two wind switch with the temperature switch, Hair Drying Shunshou more professional

Negative ion blue light

Negative ion care hair, blue light bulbs

Quick switch

A key to quickly switch cold hot air, quickly without worry

Blue light indicator

The blue lights at night, blowing a cool

Turbine type fan blade

The wind is more stable and has the effect of noise attenuation.

Dust proof cover

Can remove the three layer of protection, improve the use of experience, increase the service life of the movement

National 3C certified power supply cord

Bold high frequency power line, improve safety and security

Humanized hook

Easy to use after the suspension, improve the user experience

Power switch

Safe use of electricity, use the hair dryer to remember to cut off the power supply

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